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Japan is a country with rich cultures, traditions & heritage. TBL’s wanderers will bring to viewers interesting stories, images & info of “Land of the Rising Sun”.

Welcome to Tokyo Disneyland, where you can find a 'ticket back to your childhood' with a lot of iconic gifts, excited games and incredible parades.
Yomiuri Land – I call this place Led Land, a destination which is decorated by 3 millions of LEDs. There are many beautiful scenes that you can selfie; also, you can enjoy the cool atmosphere with soothing songs at the land, tasting a hot coffee cup or having fun with many stunning games and receive gifts. Lately at night, there is a very cool water show that will end up a happy day.
You know, Tokyo is a big and lively city of Japan. Besides some big malls here, there are a lot of interest places that you can visit when coming here. One of them is Sensō-ji, a temple with special feature and Asian style of the “Land of the rising...

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