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Before any trip, I spend a lot of time searching tools, info, and reading reviews to prepare myself carefully. Because I meet problems sometimes during traveling, I believe in knowing about the next destinations is necessary to reduce risks and to avoid issues. #Howto enjoy and experience the travel are important! Therefore, I want to share my knowledge of tools, apps, or anything which can help travelers enjoy their trips thoroughly. The ‘Reviews’ also share the hotels, homestays, etc., or restaurants at locations in full info that I experienced to support tourists in making their decisions. Additionally, there are tips shared in this section.

Whale Island resort review

Île de la Baleine and an Extreme Review of the Private Whale Island Resort

Whale Island in English, Île de la Baleine in French, or Hòn Ông in Vietnamese is all about an isolated island in the Central of Vietnam, located in Khanh Hoa province. It...
virtual museum tours around the world

30 Best Free Virtual Museum Tours Around the World You Can Take Online

With the strong development of science and technology, especially with Google Art & Culture, now virtual museum tours are able to use modern technological gadgets to give people the opportunity to visit, see artifacts, etc. anytime, anywhere. Yes, that isn't strange, you can totally lying down on your bed while visiting a lot of museums around the world. If you find that curious and want to take a try. Read this post now, and enjoy your virtual museum tours!
how to plan a group holiday for the first time

How to Plan a Group Holiday for the First Time

Traveling alone is fun. However, when you are with a group of close friends, the excitement multiplies. The pandemic has left all of us stressed, and everyone is yearning a getaway. If...
words travel on a shoe and money on the ground

Travel Packages and Travel Coupons – Everything You Need to Know

If you and your family want to go on a vacation, of course, you'll need to make several selections. Those selections include two of the most crucial factors to consider are your...
On an USA road trip

How to Plan Your USA Road Trip

Although I love to grab my backpack and travel wherever the wind takes me, I also love to dedicate time and energy to planning an awesome trip that will provide me with...
Featured image for 8 smart budget tips for Hajj

8 Smart Budget Tips for Hajj

Every religion on earth recognizes the spirituality of traveling. A number of those places are there which are significant and sacred for the people belongs to different religions of the world. People have been visiting...
Hotpot Chains in Saigon

Exploring 9 Chains of Hotpot in Saigon

I want to quickly take you through the introduction of this post. Then the rain outside my room actually brings to me the desire to have a hotpot. Ok, here are must-tried...
carry-on travel essentials for a long-haul flight

10 Carry-on Travel Essentials for Long-haul Flights

To avoid being tired, boring, and unwell prepared in a long-haul flight, this list of 10 carry-on travel essentials will be your best reminder on any trip.
Haidilao hotpot in singapore

Haidilao – The Best Hotpot in Singapore

If you have read my blog until now, you would know that I haven't ever reviewed any restaurant. Simply because I don't see any really great restaurant that worth a review. Unless...
Riding boat to floating market at Ninh Kieu river, Can Tho, Vietnam

Why You Can Travel to Vietnam after This Coronavirus Pandemic?

Hello, how are you? Is your journey to the world beautiful destinations affected by the coronavirus, or COVID-19? Yes, I was having exactly the same problem as many travelers...

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