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Playing Alice in Morocco Land

Playing Alice in Morocco Land

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Alice. One day talking to her sister while sitting on a riverbank, she saw a talking rabbit looking at his pocket watch and muttering and hurrying away through the long grass… Alice follows her to a rabbit hole but somehow the rabbit has disappeared and Alice fell down the rabbit hole. There she saw a hall with a lot of doors and only a key on the table…

Well, I’m not Alice, and neither are you.

But I do feel like her sometimes when I decided to travel to places unknown to me and yet still so much heard of.

Traveling is a true spirit one can never resist. Why should you resist it? It may help you to become the best version of yourself like falling down the rabbit hole was for Alice.

I’m relating my traveling experience to Alice’s because that’s how random and absurd sometimes it all feels and yet everything is true in reality.

an alley at marrakesh city, morocco

Planning my next stop, as a solo traveler, was not an easy task. The novel inspired me to go someplace unique and distinct on its own. And that’s why I chose to go to Morocco this year.

The beautiful African homeland home to many diverse groups has become quite popular in tourism. well, the country has a lot to offer too.

When it comes to solo traveling you have to keep lots of things in mind and foremost is security. Being a female traveler you might face a different door as compared to male travelers but every day of our lives we tackle this debate too.

Anyhow choosing Morocco had its own advantage. But first, let’s take a brief look at what to prepare for visiting the country.

Airport in Morocco

When traveling, I prefer to travel via means of international airports because of their regular flights from Europe, as many airlines are prone to this choice automatically.

I decided today to start my tour to Morocco from Marrakesh, or Marrakech. Landing at the Marrakesh Menara Airport, I felt at ease a bit seeing the cool atmosphere and like any other airport in Europe, it was busy with flocks of flights coming through at regular intervals. Morocco tourism offers cheap flight intake, and in my opinion, is the most basic reason why people don’t hesitate to come to this place often. It has an iconic history reaching back to WWII and it’s been displayed as well as some corners (though I don’t remember in the maze of crowds) consisting of 3 terminals altogether.

Taxi Rides

Coming out of the airport you may see a long line of taxi rides. And it’s quite common to see them but what you won’t be prepared for is the hassling of taxi drivers! If it were up to those taxi drivers, I would have been torn apart (seeing a single traveler has its peril too obviously) each will offer great services and all of the buttering qualities of “riding” in their taxi.

You have to learn to say no, it’s not rude when traveling. Actually, it’s survival instinct 101. Otherwise, driving in Morocco yourself is always a great choice.

Finally, I got a ride that I wanted, at a fair price to my already booked hotel.

taxi drivers at marrakesh city, morocco

Walk of Confidence

Remember this point, always be confident when traveling. I know from the inside you are crumbling like a baby but it is good not to have a look of nervousness around you, it acts as a magnet for con artists and scammers in public areas.

While taking a tour of the souk in Marrakesh I could easily pinpoint the scammers right away. Their technique is simple and identifiable. They surround you like bees and try to convince you as much as possible and sometimes even may hand you goods forcefully so that you become a guilty tourist who has to pay at any cost.

Well, it’s not as bad as it sounds, trust me, but you really need to have some core skills! And then there’s the wonderland of Moroccan goods. Remember the feeling of falling down the rabbit hole? That sounds about right. That’s what it looks like. Everywhere you look you will see goods dangling from the rooftops (self-made) down to the winding path in the souks. It’s a world in itself. Good bargaining is all you need to save some good money. Seeing a tourist, the price skyrockets and if you are on a camera they make a good bargain in hopes of getting shot too. sounds weird? Well, that’s how tourism in Morocco works.

walk of confidence in marrakesh city

Eat, Pray, Love

Coming out of the old medina walls can be chaotic. It’s easy to get lost in souks. I had to ask for directions thrice (after taking the same turn twice wrong!) and you really can’t rely on Google Maps here. It’s all distorted. And coming out I felt hungry as a grizzly.

I was so ready to eat and have something to drink. On the main market square, you will observe stalls of fresh juice. And you will see some terrace-based restaurants delivering some exciting menus off the hook. It was mainly traditional so went for a chicken tagine with vegetables. And the taste was simply delicious. The spices and the cooking method are what make food cooked in a tagine (clay pots) making it so unique and tasty. You get a true earthly flavor bombing in your mouth. And I had a cool orange juice and a mint Kahwah to wash it down.

While enjoying my late lunch I heard Azaan (prayer) and the more days I spent I noticed that the prayer calls 5 times a day (one way too early before dawn). And local shops closed down and every man goes to the mosque to offer prayers while Muslim women pray at their homes r their own workplaces.

Heritage, Garden, and Me

Marrakesh is a wonderful city but it can become bristling hot if you visit it during summer. The best time I would suggest is from October – February when seasonal change is often welcome. The winters are tolerable but the temperature drops at night. Once traveling to souks, my second day was spent sightseeing the heritage – architectural landmarks I had so much heard about.

Ait Benhaddou represents a classic example of Kasbahs just outside of Marrakesh, resembling medieval times lineage of building styles, these were homes to Berbers, and some, in fact, are still being lived in.

Marrakesh city, morocco

Next stop was in a 10th CE-built Bahia Palace capturing the essence of Morocco in its time still building. Sculpted and wood workings are prime items used in the ceiling of this palace, designed geometrically and becoming an instant point of attraction for tourists. It’s only this there are other mosques, tombs, and especially museums that are a must-visit.

Next, I went to Kutubiyya Mosque, although non-Muslims are not allowed to tourism, they open some areas. And yes it was unlike any other architectural structure in Marrakesh.

Botanical Gardens are famous for sightseeing for some peace of mind after a busy day it was a welcome change.

Spending a day in Marrakesh as a solo traveler gave me the perks of easily getting rides from one place to another. My taxi driver Hameed was generous enough to give me rides from one place to another, and little did I know he was a really good tour guide too encasing all the details of the places that I visited.  You should remember this not all taxi drivers are as friendly without a reason. I did pay Hameed a fair amount in exchange for the tour he gave me.

Coming back to my hotel, I was blessed with a spa schedule and the Berber massage took me directly to a comfortable sleep I was in desperate need of after a tiring day.

Bottom Line about the Morocco Land

My two days spent in Marrakesh taught me a lot about cultural diversity and traditions and norms. Once you travel here you will get to know what I’m talking about. Doesn’t matter whether you want to travel cheaply or enjoy a luxury holiday package. Morocco offers it all. Morocco is for everyone; you can have the best experience here even with cheap holiday packages. The choice is all yours.

the broad life's morocco contributor profileMaria Bella
Morocco Contributor
A travel blogger from the UK. Writing is her ultimate passion and nowadays, she is on the mission of providing creative and unique blogs on Morocco’s lively culture and traditions. She can help people in planning their journey by sharing her amazing experience in Morocco.


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  • ansh997x

    So much blue that I simply cannot have enough of it. I would love to follow your experiences in Morocco if I ever get a chance to visit this country. Thanks for sharing your insights.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Thanks for your comment! Hope that the experiences help preparing your trip to Morocco 🙂

  • Medha Verma

    I have often heard of how chaotic the souks in Marrakesh are and your experience of getting lost or being attacked by con artists if they suspect you to be a not-so-confident traveller sort of confirm that impression. Also, being hassles by the taxi drivers as soon as you step out of the airport doesn’t sound pleasant either. You’ve painted a very realistic picture (pretty or not) of what to expect when visiting Morocco and I certainly agree with seeming as confident as you can if you don’t want to fall pray to scammers.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Glad that you really enjoy the post!
      I always try to give our audience the most info from our contributors and writers’ real experience so everyone can well prepare their journey 😀

  • Eden Fite

    I visited Morocco myself last November and absolutely loved it. Morocco was so different from any place I had been before. I can relate to getting lost in the souks as well, they are both chaotic and confusing. Glad you had such a good time in Morocco.

  • Elena

    I am thinking about visiting Morocco this autumn. Like you said, there are cheap flights from Europe, but the main reason why I chose it was because I’m sure it will be an experience like no other before. Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      I’m sure you will have a great trip to Morocco this autumn

  • Aditi Sharma

    Such an inspiring post with informative details about planning a trip to Morocco. We have been wanting to visit Morocco for a while now and this post really makes me want to go embark on such a journey soon. Thanks for the tip regarding bargaining as one shops around Morocco. It sounds like an amazing cultural experience. I’ll surely refer back to the post while planning our trip.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Glad that you like the post as it could support your plan!

  • Anita

    I loved the trip to Morocco, and also loved to visit souks an street markets are one of my favorite things to visit while in a country. Morocco can feel chaotic but hospitality of people makes the experience unforgettble.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Yes, and experience always bring the attraction and interest to any trip. Hope that Morocco bring you the same things. Enjoy!

  • shreyasaha1987

    Your experience shows the truth about traveling. It has happened to me also at many places where the places are chaotic, taxi people trying to rip you off, and con people trying to fool you. However, we all learn from experiences and know-how to travel smartly in the end. Hope you have had a great time in Morocco. Thanks for the share.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Thanks a lot for your comment!
      It’s true that you will find problems while traveling, but it’ll all turn out to be great experience when we think back. And that’s how it make our life more meaningful 😀
      Enjoy traveling!

  • Yukti

    Marrakesh is really a wonderful city with so many cultural and natural spots. I would love to take fresh juices from the market square and would relish food cooked in clay pots.

  • joydellavita

    The best time to visit Morocco is probably any time except high summer and rain season 😀

  • James

    Wow, this travel blog really captured the vibrant essence of Morocco’s enchanting lands – a must-read for fellow adventurers!

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