ReviewsAccommodationO.M.E Hostel – Quy Nhon, Vietnam
O.M.E Hostel – Quy Nhon, Vietnam

O.M.E Hostel – Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Just an update: O.M.E. Hostel is permanently closed. However, I will leave the article here to remind me of one of my best memory when I was here on my trip.

Are you looking for a good place to stay at Quy Nhon? Your travel accommodation’s criteria are a good price, clean, comfortable, and easy to reach many places. If so, you definitely have to check into the O.M.E hostel, the one that can fit all your criteria when traveling to Quy Nhon, Vietnam.

O.M.E Hostel is Pretty Convenient…

I stopped by the O.M.E hostel in the last days of my 14 days trip from North to the Middle of Vietnam. Located at 32 Chu Van An, the hostel is right at the heart of the city. There is a small park next by, 5 mins to a supermarket, 10 mins walking to Long Beach, and a few mins walking to a lot of food and beverage shops, the specialties of Quy Nhon. Don’t worry if you don’t know the direction, the friendly and helpful hostel owners will show you the way. Furthermore, they can even take you to the stores, if they are free.

.. and Sufficient

To describe, the O.M.E hostel has a total of 3 bedrooms. The largest bedroom has 10 beds that are willing to serve you anytime. The mattress is comfortable which makes you feel at home. AC is equipped inside all the rooms. There is also a cute small balcony in the largest bedroom where you can spend your time with a favorite book, and a cup of tea. Lockers are offered enough for all the tenants. Additionally, there is a big shelf of books with different categories. Particularly, clean washrooms with shampoo, shower gel, and facial cleansers that are always there for customers. To sum up, it’s comfortable, clean, and sufficient.

By the way, breakfast is served with a sandwich and jam on the rooftop. Moreover, the O.M.E Kitchen, which is on the rooftop, is a coffee open to anyone. It has many fun board games to play while spending time relaxing at the coffee shop or the hostel. Besides that, on the ground floor, you can find some soya noodles with eel and congee with eel in the morning, mixed rice pancakes, and milk tea in the afternoon. Unfortunately, it’s not included in the hostel, customers have to pay for it.

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