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My Tho, Tien Giang and the Mekong Delta

Around 120km away from Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong (in Vietnamese we call “Miền Tây”) appears with a totally different environment, landscape and people. Last Sunday, I went to My Tho, a town belonging to Tien Giang, a province in the Mekong. If we go by car, we can head to My Tho by Trung Luong Highway in about 1h20′.

On Trung Luong highway going to My Tho, Tien Giang
On Trung Luong highway going to My Tho, Tien Giang.

About Mekong Delta Region

Mekong Delta is the destination where you can find the image of Vietnam in the past. The locals are very friendly. Indeed, they are willing to help you with every concern that you have. There are a lot of trees, Vietnam’s ‘western-er’ plant a lot of fruit trees in their garden. It makes the atmosphere clean and clear in the area. Evenly, if you know anyone in this place, they can take you to their garden to pick and enjoy the fruit right on the spot.

At the time that I went to My Tho last week, they had grapefruit, guava, banana, rambutan, orange, persimmon, chili, mango, guava, etc. Depending on the time of the year so they have different fruit trees planted. This is a fruit garden that I have gone to:

Also, some people plant a small flower garden in their homes. It looked really beautiful and makes the house more eco-friendly.

What My Tho Has for The Visitors

The Local Market

One of the destinations that you should visit when going to My Tho is the local market. At this place, people sell the fruits that they picked from their garden. Because the gardens are usually nearby the market, the price is definitely cheaper than buying in cities. Usually, it’s just around 1/3 the price if you buy fruits in cities’ supermarkets. Therefore, business people come there to buy in large quantities. Then they transport to Ho Chi Minh City and sell in the supermarkets.

The market here is quite fun, sellers call us to buy their products, people talk out loud to bargain, and chatting voices are everywhere. All together makes a really vibrant picture. If you intend to buy them, they are happy to give you a try on their products. However, you should beware when coming there, the road is very muddy and slippery. Absolutely you don’t want to be dirty and bring the mud home.

The Local Foods

Moreover, in Mekong Delta, the foods are really delicious. Nevertheless, it’s a bit sweet. I mean it’s delicious in its way because the locals would like to eat sweet a little bit. The cuisine is really Vietnamese style. If you are planning to travel to Vietnam for food, the Mekong is definitely a place you shouldn’t miss.

Final Say

Here I will show you guys some special things about the Mekong to end up this post.

This is called the “monkey bridge” You can see that it’s easier for a monkey to go If you don’t want to get wet, you can go around; or you can jump if it is possible. But you can surprise by the people here, very skillful!
And this is the ‘toilet’ very environmentally friendly tho? LOL
On Trung Luong highway going back to Ho Chi Minh City.
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