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Life at Lincoln, New Zealand

Let’s see how life at Lincoln, New Zealand is through the eyes of an international student.

Part 1: Studying in Lincoln

New Zealand is well-known for its wonderful environment and professional education. In Christchurch, you can hear people talking about the University of Canterbury (UC) as one of the best universities in New Zealand. However, if you are looking for another place, you can take a visit to Lincoln University.

Lincoln University (LU) is ranked by World Universities Ranking 2014/15. Otherwise, with its faraway location in Lincoln Township, Christchurch residents do not take it as a priority for an academic program. Most students in LU are from Lincoln Township and are international students.

Take 1-hour bus from Christchurch to Lincoln, you will be driven through trees and farms on the way to LU. The bus 80 will especially take you to the highway where you can have an opportunity to see the morning light from miles, away cows eating grass and sheep gathering in groups.

Bus stop in LU.

Surrounding itself with a green and silent atmosphere, LU also has its buildings built in English Baroque architectural style simulation. Additionally, Lincoln students can see the changes in weather from Lincoln’s ancient trees. Students here love taking pictures of trees’ colors as it is the mark of their university years.

“Hello, I’m a “yellowish” tree”.

Taking step by step around LU, there are buildings hiding in beautiful nature. One of the main buildings that students have to come to often is George Forbes Memorial Building. This is where the Reception and Student Administration is located. This building is a dedication to the 22nd Prime Minister of New Zealand.

George Forbes Memorial Building.

There is something more to discover in the George Forbes Memorial building. I will talk about it later in the next part. Another sky in New Zealand is opening for you to explore.

Part 2: George Forbes Memorial Building

We had an interesting experience around Lincoln University and took an overall look at George Forbes Memorial Building. In this post, I am going to talk more about everything inside this building.

In front of the G.F.M.

This building is a dedication to the 22nd Prime Minister of New Zealand. At Lincoln University, the George Forbes Memorial Building (G.F.M) is one of the most important buildings. If you are a visitor and eager to study in Lincoln, there is a particular department in here for everything about your studying in L.U, such as finance, enrolment, scholarships, and even accommodation. However, G.M.F is often crowded with students from different majors. Why? Because there is another specific area for students. In this area, you can be happy to have a cookie from the Linc. Bookshop for around $2.50 with warm-hearted customer service. Students also come here to buy snacks, drinks, and materials during break times.

Need a withdrawal? ATM is always ready.

Of course, a small cookie can satisfy your stomach and you should take a glance at The Sandwich Bar next to the Linc. One of the special things in The Sandwich Bar here is they will sell sandwiches with a similar system as Subway: choosing your bread, meat, veggies, sauces, and pay. (Be careful on choosing meat, you may get away from lamb because of its smell!). Then, you can have a tasty sandwich made for you only which costs about $4.50. That is sometimes the reason why I never come here for lunch because I do not want to stand in line for almost 20 minutes with an empty stomach. Otherwise, your sandwich can be unique and worth the price if you have enough patience to try it for the first time.

Opposite the Linc is the Travel Deals office for students. Being an international student, you will soon realize that you actually get used to traveling and love it all the way, especially with Travel Deals. You will be suggested everything from your travel dates, the best season to travel in each country, and of course great deals for your flights. That is how L.U teaches its students to learn and enjoy life at the same time. The more you travel, the more you learn about life, and yourself.

Traveling with love? Great deals for couples inside!

For everyone who loves challenging themselves and being proactive, do not forget to check the bulletin board next to Travel Deals. You can easily find information about flats, tutors for some specific subjects, and even club meetings. For some of you who are going to prepare for your future career, the bulletin board will update the information every day about career fairs and professional events. In my personal opinion, you should go check the bulletin board every time you go to school. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

Want some candies?

Finally, I would like to remind all of you that, Student Liaison always be in G.M.F to help all students, not just Lincoln students, about all the problems you are facing with your studying. Be courageous, even just once, because at least there is a place for you to say out loud.

I will keep secret about my next post. However, before turning off my laptop, I would love to answer the question about my favorite places in Christchurch, New Zealand. One of my favorite places in Christchurch is New Brighton Beach. The good news about that is I have already prepared the first draft of this. Posting it now? Nah! 😛

What am I writing about in the next post? Check our page often to get the latest information about that. We sure help you to discover NZ in your own way through these posts.

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