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Haidilao – The Best Hotpot in Singapore

If you have read my blog until now, you would know that I haven’t ever reviewed any restaurant. Simply because I don’t see any really great restaurant that is worth a review. Unless I’m paid to do so. Nevertheless, on my latest trip to Singapore at the beginning of 2019, I had a chance to have dinner at Haidilao, a truly awesome restaurant that brings outstanding experience to its customers. And that brings me to the thought of introducing this restaurant to everyone.

But First, Let’s Talk About Haidilao

I literally had no idea about Haidilao in the beginning, until my friend continuously mentioned the restaurant in our plan to travel around Singapore. I then kept forgetting about it. Honestly, I just really remember the restaurant after I experienced it. And from that time, Haidilao has a solid position in my mind, which forces me to research more about it.

So the restaurant built its first brick in 1994. Up to now, Haidilao has a chain with over 300 stores directly managed in 100 cities, making it the top hotpot empire in the world! You can now easily find the restaurant in Singapore, China, Australia, the United States, Hongkong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

How Was My Awesome Experience!?

Actually, I went to Haidilao, in Vivo City, once before, right when I arrived in Singapore after leaving Batam on my 5-day trip. The restaurant was full of its consumers so I had to leave, or wait about 40 minutes. At the moment, I really didn’t know if that restaurant was worth my waiting, as that situation never happened in my country. Therefore, I chose option 1, with the thought that the restaurant is as normal as others.

I then one more time got to Haidilao. This time it was in Somerset after I came back to Singapore from Cameron Highlands. As my friend kept mentioning the restaurant, we decided to go there for our last dinner in Singapore. For the second time, Haidilao restaurant has amazed me with its perfect food and services.

The Best Care from The Entrance

My excitement started right after I entered the restaurant’s area. At the entrance, Haidilao had a bar with a lot of different drinks to serve customers who were waiting for their turns. There was even a nail salon for the ladies. My friend told me that they used all the premium nail-care products. After we were taken to our table, a waitress brought us a warm face towel right after we sat down on the soft sofa. Then she asked to bring us some drinks. We had choices between barley, jujube, or their special tea. As my expectation, the drinks and a dish of fruit are brought to us immediately to enjoy before the main meal. Additionally, the restaurant had our aprons and even phone cases to protect our phones.

premium nail salon at Haidilao hotpot singapore
‘There was even a nail salon for the ladies.. that they used all the premium nail-care products‘.

The Best Meal from the Haidilao Menu

The Soup Bases

Talking about a hotpot, perhaps I should mention the soup base initially. At Haidilao, they have different soup bases for customers to choose including the Tomato, the Sichuan Spicy with dried chili and green pepper, the Butter Spicy with butter, Maowen native red pepper, and Guizhou pepper, the Mushroom with a lot of mushrooms, of course, and the Three Delicacy with fresh meat concentrated bone and the milky white soup.

The special is, you can order up to 4 different kinds within 1 pot. In other words, you can enjoy almost all Haidilao soup bases in just one time visiting the restaurant. That’s awesome, tho!? For the first time, my friend ordered us the Tomato and the Three Delicacy. It was her favorite, then my preference, too.

‘My girlfriend ordered us the Tomato and the Three Delicacy’.

The Dishes

I will leave the meat part for you to explore. Honestly, I forgot what I had exactly ordered at that time. Perhaps a bit of this pork, and that beef, and some vegetables. Anyways, what’s clearly stored in my memory is the mixed meat between prawn and pork, and the well-known Haidilao noodle dance. When ordered, a waiter did a performance at our table. What could be better than enjoying a hotpot while watching a noodle dance, and then eating that noodle? Believe me, it’s the best thing you don’t want to miss out at the restaurant. Furthermore, the noodle is a must-have part to fulfill the excellence of the hotpot.

‘The mixed meat between prawn and pork’.
‘The well-known Haidilao noodle dance’.

The Dipping Sauces

A meal couldn’t be complete without a good sauce, or a hotpot. At Haidilao, customers will have a counter with about thirty kinds of condiments to create their own dip. Those condiments include:

  • Korean Style Chilli Sauce
  • Chilli Oil
  • Crushed Peanut
  • Preserved Pickles
  • Beef Sauce
  • Sesame Oil
  • Crispy Soy Beans
  • Special Chilli Sauce
  • Pepper
  • Chives
  • Soy Bean Sauce
  • Minced Beef
  • Oyster Sauce
  • Sesame Sauce
  • Seafood Sauce
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Chinese Chives Sauce
  • Thai Chilli
  • Chopped Garlic
  • Mushroom Sauce
  • Coriander
  • Chopped Celery
  • Fermented Bean Curd Sauce
  • Vinegar
  • Dark Soy Sauce
  • etc.

Of course, I made a lot of different dips. Later on, I just went with my top favorite. The counter also has fruits such as cherry tomato, watermelon, and honeydew. Moreover, there is the Lao Ban-style Soya Beancurd served at the restaurant. You shouldn’t forget that really great dessert.

‘I made a lot of different dips’.

The Best After Service

Haidilao surely knows how to impress its customers. The story was:

“I was leaving the restaurant with my mind full of the special tea flavor that they brought to me. I then approached a woman standing at the bar at the entrance, asking her if I could take home a glass of that tea. She told me to wait a minute and brought me two glasses of tea they just made”.

I heard that you can even ask the restaurant for a souvenir, or soup base. There was also a freezer with a lot of ice cream inside. I’m sure you will have a happy day! My friend took us 2 small boxes.

Finally, The ‘Best’ Bill!

I just mean the dinner cost us quite a lot of money. I won’t list it specifically here. Generally, it was over $100 SGD for two. Usually, I don’t spend this much on dinner. However, not only the best food I have eaten but the best service I have ever experienced, it was worth every penny spent.

Anyway, don’t forget to watch the iconic Haidilao noodle dance, and bring home a cold ice cream to sweeten your day!


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