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Interesting Facts About 7 World Famous Buildings

Do you feel more excited when knowing the facts about travel destinations that you visit? If your answer is yes, then we are sharing the same feeling. Let’s learn more about the interesting facts about these famous buildings in the world. I’m sure it will make your trip to these landmarks more enjoyable.

The Gherkin – London, England

The Gherkin Tower, officially 30 St Mary Ax, is about 183 meters high. It is one of London’s most recognizable landmarks. The building was completed in 2003 and includes offices, shops, and restaurants.

modernist architectural style in The Gherkin skyscraper design concept
The modernist architectural style in The Gherkin skyscraper design concept.

The Gherkin was nicknamed “the cucumber” because of its unique shape. Indeed, the truth about the curved surface structure surrounding the building is an interesting thing not everyone knows. Nearly 7,500 glass panels, enough to cover five football fields, were used to construct the building. Although the building has a curved appearance, only a piece of curved glass is used on the dome at the top.

Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

As one of the world’s most recognizable and famous buildings, the Eiffel Tower has welcomed more than 300 million visitors since it opened in 1889. It was once the tallest man-made tower in the world and weighed more than 10,000 tons. Despite the millions of visitors who flock here each year, the symbol of Paris city still holds some surprises. For example, most visitors do not know that the tower has a small room at the top.

The secret room in Eiffel Tower is one of the most interesting facts about this landmark.

The designer of this iconic work is Gustave Eiffel. He also built a complete room under the spire with wooden furniture, oil paintings, and patterned wallpaper. After years of restrictions, visitors who purchase tickets to the top of the tower can now see the room from behind windows. Most of the furniture here is still preserved after hundreds of years, with effigies of Eiffel and Edison placed inside.

La Sagrada Família – Barcelona, ​​Spain

La Sagrada Família Roman Catholic Church is a very familiar place in Barcelona and one of the most famous buildings in the world. The massive design of the building can be seen from many parts of the city. Around 3 million tourists visit this UNESCO world heritage site each year. Previously, architect Antoni Gaudi‘s masterpiece began construction in 1882 and remains unfinished. The work is estimated to be completed in 2026, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Antoni Gaudi’s death. However, this deadline may be postponed due to the impact of Covid-19.

There are interesting facts about basílica de La Sagrada Família.

While most visitors usually climb the steps to visit the structure, La Sagrada Família has a series of secret elevators that can take you straight to the top. This is an impressive feat considering the narrowness of the towers, not to mention the fact that the structure is not built in a straight line.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world. The great structure can accommodate more than 40,000 worshippers. It has 82 domes, and more than 1,000 pillars, and is decorated with 24-carat gold chandeliers. Nevertheless, amid that overwhelming interior, the most luxurious element of the building lies on the floor.

The world’s largest carpet in Sheikh Zayed Mosque, one of the most famous buildings.

Especially, Sheikh Zayed Mosque has the largest hand-woven carpet in the world. It took 1,200 workers 18 months and 38 tons of cotton and wool to create it. The tapestry is made in Iran and placed in the main prayer room of the church, measuring 5,630 square meters.

Burj Khalifa – Dubai, UAE

At 828 meters tall, the Burj Khalifa tower holds the world record for not only the tallest building but also the tallest man-made structure, the tallest free-standing structure, and the tallest outdoor observatory. Visitors can book tickets to explore the tower and take in stunning views of the city.

The special thing that many people don’t know about this record-holding building is that it houses a private library. In fact, it’s the tallest library in the world. This quiet space is located on the 123rd floor of the Burj Khalifa.

Statue of Liberty – New York, USA

A gift from France to the United States in 1886, the Statue of Liberty is recognized around the world as a symbol of freedom. The bronze statue, over 93 meters tall, attracts about 3.5 million people each year. Visitors can tour many parts of the building including the museum, theater, pedestal, and crown.

The torch contains one of the interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty, one of the world’s famous buildings.

A little-known fact about the Statue of Liberty is that there is an observatory inside the torch, at the highest point of the statue. Yet, this category has been restricted to visitors since 1916 after German agents blew up an ammunition depot near the area and damaged the torch. Although repaired, the torch has never been reopened to the public.

Sydney Opera House – Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Opera House in Sydney Harbour is one of Australia’s most famous landmarks. Also, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The building was opened in 1973, with an appearance resembling the sails of a yacht. It often hosts dance performances, concerts, and operas. You can take a tour of the building or dine at the restaurants here.

Sydney Opera House effect at night.

What surprises people about the Sydney Opera House is that it’s more than just an opera venue. There is a “secret” nightclub, The Studio, for dance nights, theatrical performances, and underground music performances. This place is often used as part of the annual Vivid Live contemporary music festival.

Are You Feeling More Interesting in These Famous Buildings?

I’m sure your companions will also be surprised and feel interested when you share these facts with them. Anyway, isn’t knowing more about the world one of the top reasons that we travel? Now, are you feeling excited to explore these places?


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