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Coronavirus Update from Vietnam

Hello, how are you? Are you still traveling, or staying at home to avoid the coronavirus?

So, this is the 52nd day in the lunar calendar, as well as our 52nd day of the Tet Holiday as some people hilariously say. In other words, we have stayed at home for nearly 2 months, because of the epidemic.

I used to be optimistic, then becoming pessimistic recently, waking up with bad news about the virus every day. Additionally, staying at home most of the time is just not good as well. Having nothing to do at home is quite boring. Therefore, I will write about the coronavirus update here, so you can know about the Vietnam situation just in case you planned to come to the country.

Let’s Start with Latest Coronavirus News Around the World on Mar 15

coronavirus update on news every hours
The world news about the coronavirus.

Today could be the worst day ever over this virus season, as the booming numbers of bad news of the epidemic and the international economy. To sum up:

Totally, in the coronavirus update till 17:00 on Mar 15, we’ve got about 157,300 infected cases worldwide with 5,844 people dying.

And the 52nd Day of Tet Holiday in Vietnam

A screen in the song ‘Ghen Cô Vy’ is used to raise awareness of Vietnamese people about self-protection against the coronavirus. The song was featured on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight.

My country has taken very early actions toward the virus from spreading widely. Therefore, Vietnam is currently in a better situation than other countries. Nonetheless, it’s still not good at all.

Today, on Mar 15, Vietnam just had an announcement to close all the clubs, hotels, restaurants, karaoke, entertainment venues, etc. throughout District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The country is also refusing all European passports from entering. A series of flights to Vietnam will be canceled after Mar 15, except for those Vietnamese who are returning to their homeland. Another good news, a thousand trucks with goods are able to pass the border to China. And finally, the gas price is gonna drop to about VND 16,000 tomorrow compared to the highest of VND 21,000 last Dec.

Ok, My Coronavirus Diary Start Here

Day 52nd

I woke up seeing a coronavirus update about a positive case 54th in my country. It’s quite hard to know that the number increases every day.

As usual, I will have breakfast at a restaurant with my wife, or my parents. But today, we decided to eat something at our home, and avoid going out as much as possible. Indeed, I and my wife have stayed at home nearly the whole day, except when we quickly go out for balut in the afternoon.

Yes, we did try staying at home the whole day but it was really boring. That’s why I think of writing this diary, trying to make something in a day. Anyways, my wife made me a truly delicious Crab Paste Vermicelli Soup in her style. And it made my day!

The Crab Paste Vermicelli Soup made my 52nd day.

Day 54th

I woke up with the number 61 and went to bed with the number 66 if you know what I mean. Especially, there are 3 positive cases that happened in my city. Yes, I’m more worried when going out now. But honestly, I have been outdoors for half of today, running around to both relax and for my business.

At the same time, Canada closes its border with other countries, making it hard for me to send some stuff to my sister there. I know, it’s quite bad. Until I found a Tweet from SLCPD requesting criminal activities and nefarious behavior to stop during the coronavirus epidemic. OK, it’s SLCPD who made my 54th day. Thank you!

I got an interesting coronavirus update from SLCPD’s tweet.

Day 56th

Yesterday, my government agreed to close the borders. They planned to run the last flights taking Vietnamese from countries around the world, who want to come back, home. I think it’s quite a smart move in this emergency situation because most positive cases in my country are from people who lived or traveled abroad.

Today, the number rises to 76, with 10 positive cases found on the same day. That’s the very first time it happens, and of course, it’s significantly worse. My government starts calling people to support by donating resources so we all get over the coronavirus. That looked great. I can see a big bond of everybody together contributing to beat the virus. Evenly, there are hotels, and resorts willing to contribute their space as places for quarantine.

Alongside, more than 7,000 Vietnamese who lived abroad now going home. Although some of them do not like the government, they come back to earn free treatment or a better environment of health protection against COVID-19. I hear stories from my mom about her friend’s daughter worrying as she isn’t able to go back to Vietnam. Another story with a boy struggling to find his way home from Europe. And my kin is on his flight going back to his home country, but not sure if everything’s going well.

That’s quite a lot of news in this coronavirus time. Last but not least, I grew a kind of Japanese lotus from its seed but seemed like the tree died. That’s so sad as well.

My lotus tree at the moment. It’s dead, tho?

Day 59th

Fortunately, my wife’s cooking skill is really good. Hence, I have done well with social distancing staying at home for nearly a week. Honestly, I got out of the home a few times, but it was just really quick.

On the other hand, today’s number is 113, after 14 newest cases were found at the end of the day, as the latest coronavirus update. Most of them are people who just came back to the country from England, France, or countries with booming infected cases. Gladly, there is one positive one that has been cured, and I believe more patients will be good the days after.

At the same time, our government decided to stop all international flights going to Vietnam. It’s now hard for any Vietnamese who want to come back home. Even so, they can still ask for support from Vietnamese Gov Officers at the countries so they will be arranged flights to go home. Hopefully, they can enjoy delicious Vietnamese foods soon.

A dinner with Vietnamese cuisine, cooked by my wife.

Day 61st

I quickly got out of home for a new haircut, as our government just made a critical move, calling all the barbershops, spas, massages, billiard clubs, restaurants, or coffee shops with space for more than 30 people, etc. to close after 6 p.m today. Hence, I decided to have a good look even though I’m social distancing. Who knows, how long this pandemic may go on?

On the same day, the Vietnamese government decided to stop exporting rice starting from 0h Mar 24th. That’s truly the best action to prevent food shortage inside the country at this time. Big claps for our dear Prime Minister. But anyway, the number of infected cases in the country, of course, rose. But anyway, again, the increase is not so significant, and my country will definitely defeat the coronavirus.

Day 66th

It could be the biggest and happiest day of my life today. Then sadly, the coronavirus outbreak has taken it all. If you ask me what I think about this pandemic? Then yes, my answer will be “I f*cking hate this bloody coronavirus!”. It destroyed all of my beautiful plans for this year, which should be the foundation for many things I intended to do.

Ok, so as per the latest coronavirus update, there are 188 infected cases with 25 healed people. Therefore, I see that as a good sign. Alongside, my Gov has taken very strong actions that require stopping all non-related businesses to the basic needs of humans. Even so, the restaurants are only allowed for taking-away. Most public transports stopped. There are just a few shippers on the road to support people doing social distancing. And some people are rushing to supermarkets to stock food. Besides that, the gas price today drops dramatically to 12,000 VND/liter, it’s great!

And here’s my dinner today with family. Thanks to the virus, I’m gaining weight every day. Sh*t!

Day 69th – The First Day People are Asked for Lockdown in the First COVID-19 Year

Truly, our country is going through the third phase of the pandemic. Meaning both the Government and people concerned about this virus is extremely significant. We are asked to stay at home, in the lockdown stage, for 15 days to completely defeat COVID-19 nationwide. Each province is now separated to treat itself, limiting the interaction of people together. Even the transportation of goods, buses or cars is now hard to go to other areas.

It’s very hard to find good news these days. As the latest coronavirus update, the number of infected cases in our country go to the number 222. Fortunately, there are 63 recovered victims. So that’s a little sunlight at the end of the road.

On the news, there are stories showing my lovely, bonding country. Many people donate to the nation so we have the budget for the treatment of the virus. Everyone is thinking of ways to support each other, both in food and the economy. For instance, last year students of Medical University volunteer to support the country in treating the victims. The others help by cleaning rooms at dormitories for quarantine. Some give free food to people in need. And a lot more nice stories to say.

Ok, and me in my social distancing, growing the vegetables and trees. And here they are:

So here I grow vegetables.

And here’s my chili tree.

Day 74 – Normal Life is Coming?

Today is Apr 6, it’s two continuous days that I wake up with no news of infected victims. It seems great! Perhaps the extreme actions of the Government are now effective.

Indeed, more and more decisions are released by the Government. Hanoian, which we call people living in the capital city, now need permission to go out more than 200m from their homes. Hai Phong and Danang provinces require visitors from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to pay for all costs of quarantine if they go to the 2 cities. I think that’s good to push people to stay at home.

Particularly in Ho Chi Minh City, on the 5th day of highly social distancing, people are significantly uncomfortable. Or at least that’s what going on with me. As a result, many people get outdoors. Some even go to the traditional markets, where normally a lot of people gather. Don’t ask why I know. Honestly, I just went out in a short time to deliver my products sold to customers, and I saw those things on the way…

Day 85 – 5 More Days to Go

We should be turned back to our normal routine. The country’s biggest company has the license to produce the ventilator. That’s a piece of very good news. Nevertheless, in the North of Vietnam, there are still a few infected cases, like 1 – 2 cases a day, according to the news coronavirus update. As a result, our Government decided to expand the highly social-distancing one more week.

I’m not sure if it’s a good decision as I see people are uncomfortable with being at home too long. For instance, now, there are a lot of people riding motorbikes on the road. Traffic jam is coming back.

Alongside, I and my wife share the same feeling. We have quite many plans to do after this. Then the extension is pending. It makes our discomfort improves day by day, despite we are trying many ways to enhance our feelings. All we simply want now is a short trip traveling out of the city, to the beach or the mountain. I’m breathless now!

Day 90 – FINALLY!

Ok, my hair is long now but yes, finally, we are going to normal life again. HURRAY!

Even though there is the coronavirus pandemic happening in other countries, and we don’t have the vaccine yet, our government decides to remove the highly social distancing so businesses in particular, and the economy, in general, can keep running. That’s a very good sign as we have stayed in that stage for 3 weeks long, the whole day at home.

At this moment, following the latest coronavirus update, in Vietnam, we have 270 infected cases with 225 people healed, and no one died. This is awesome! Now I can go to the barbershop, and travel again to other provinces. And you, do you consider traveling to my safe country, Vietnam?

Thank you a lot to the doctors, the nurses, and anyone who is at the frontline fighting the bloody virus!

I found this pic on my Linkedin feed. I think it’s very impressive to show my and any Vietnamese people gratitude to the people at the frontline. They are awesome!

So how is your day in this coronavirus time? You can share with me and everyone here in the comment of this post. I really want to know.

Have a great day, and stay safe!


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