How Christmas Looked Like in Takashimaya Shopping Centre?


Wandering on a Saturday night, I was following the crowd to Takashimaya Shopping Centre – a premium department store located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. No wonder there are various groups of people coming here as this place has already become a wonderful Christmas Island. At the front door leading to the train waiting for you at the gate to the Santa Land. However, you may want to pass by the ticket booth and take some selfies before you go.

in front of Takashimaya shopping centre

Please forgive my bad photography skills as I was literally following the crowd to get this picture in the fear that my phone could be robbed by some motorbike drivers!

Christmas is in the corner in Takashimaya

Stepping inside the mall, the red Santa’s Wheel has taken a privilege to be put in the centre of the ground floor. As far as I’ve known, you can enjoy the wheel when you have the shopping receipt from 400,000 VND and if you get the 3,000,0000 VND – receipt, you will have an express ticket to the Santa’s Wheel.

It was fantastic watching everyone outside when you sat inside the wheel

If you would like to stay grounded and look up things above, remember there are flying reindeer and the mini-sized Santa Claus waiting for you in the ceiling.

Everyone in the mall was wishing these presents can fall to their heads on that day…

Sadly I was unable to capture everywhere I went as I was also drowned in the warm yet exciting atmosphere brought by this Shopping Centre. All the stores clothed in the red colour which triggered your curiosity and excitement. Takashimaya knows how to please their customers just by giving out its unique yet attractive vibes and you would like to have a look every single corner in here. Apart from a luxurious yet trendy environment, Takashimaya has speeded up to open loads of brand new stores selling a different kind of services. Food-lovers can be addicted to the B1 area where new food stores are opening every day while other food stores love giving out new products to try.

The smoked salmon rice bowl is a boring name but not the taste
Want a pizza?
You may think it was just takeaway sushi. Prepare to regret and be a sushi lover just like me!

However, there should be something that Takashimaya is proud to name themselves as a “premium destination for your urban lifestyle”. No matter what your age is, there is always something out there suitable for you, even to fulfil your checklist of travel items. I believe the travel-lovers will stop by Palladium. If you just would like to have casual pants, head to GAP or Levi’s. How about getting some office clothes but still would like to be trendy? Mango is ideal because the store’s presentation changes every month. The dress you saw last month will disappear a month later. Therefore, grab it now or regret later. Men may feel disappointed watching the ladies enjoy their heavens until you come to the Men’s wear area. Valentino Creations, An Phuoc Pierre Cardin and other Men’s wear stores will make you consider more about your budget.

On the other sides, in my opinion, families love coming to Takashimaya not only because of the stores selling toys and baby clothes but also because of the loving and cosy vibes which can actually tighten the bond. I have known some friends sharing that their families just always wanted to come here to enjoy the atmosphere. Then they ended up buying something together and it brought happiness to all of them.

Even watching these flowers could bring so much joy by its presentation

You may be wondering whether there are any corners for some introverts to enjoy in Takashimaya. The answer is definitely yes. Yamamoto is a contemporary Japanese coffee shop located in B1 area. Looking from the outside, nobody would imagine how peaceful it could be when you stay inside. Tables and chairs are arranged in a small distance. You will be unable to hear how others sitting next to you are talking about. The staffs always observe around the store to make sure no customer’s needs are forgotten.

Here comes the corner for introverts

If you get there, try the tiramisu cake which is classic yet rich and well-presented in a plate having pretty cute cartoon silhouettes. You may love having matcha ice blended with the tiramisu as a perfect combo for a gloomy afternoon.

Could you guess the name of this movie based on these silhouettes?

As this continuous innovated shopping centre, right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, I never get tired of coming to this place at least twice a month. It gives me something familiar but strange to discover from time to time. Sometimes, you may need a place to shop ‘til you broke. However, sometimes you only need a place to enjoy watching people living their lives. Fortunately, Takashimaya has both.

What is your favorite shopping mall and how does it look like at Christmas?


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