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Exploring 9 Chains of Hotpot in Saigon

I want to quickly take you through the introduction of this post. Then the rain outside my room actually brings to me the desire to have a hotpot. Ok, here are must-tried chains of hotpot in Saigon that you should go to.

1. Haidilao – Chinese Hotpot

Haidilao hotpot in singapore
Haidilao hotpot and the dippings.

I love this Chinese hotpot the most, so I put it on top. Nevertheless, it has nothing related to the order in this list. It’s just because Haidilao is worth its no. 1 position, in my opinion.

I have eaten Haidilao Hotpot in both Singapore and Vietnam. Its taste and service are quite similar in both countries, but in Singapore, it’s a little bit better. Anyways, Haidilao in Vietnam is still so good with the best services as always. The price is, of course, higher than other hotpot restaurants in the city. But how can I say, they offer so many values for the consumers when going to their restaurant.

You may see that I don’t mention in detail the hotpot of Haidilao here. It’s because I did a review about Haidilao Hotpot before in my blog. Even the Haidilao I talked about in my old blog post is in Singapore, but again, it’s quite similar to the Vietnam branches. So you can go there and see why I love this hotpot chain so much.

Where to find a Haidilao Hotpot in Saigon?

2. Hutong – Hongkong Hotpot

The entrance of Hutong restaurant at Phan Xich Long.

Stated as the paradise of Hong Kong hotpot, “The broth of Hutong’s hotpot is rich in flavor with rosemary, dried chili, cinnamon, anise, etc. They also have more than 99 toppings to add in the broth including sliced meat, seafood, vegetables, and especially all kinds of fresh meatballs from fish, beef, shrimp, dumplings, and so on which only be made when the customers start ordering. No need to go 1,000km far, Hutong Hotpot Paradise with 99 dipping flavors will let you experience the most passionate and attractive flavors in this world!”.

Hutong hotpot and dippings.
The sauce bar.

Yes, the above paragraph is what Hutong says about them, but what I experienced is a little bit different. To illustrate, you should book a table before coming, or you have to wait about 20-30 minutes, like me. Coming to the Hutong restaurant, you will order meats via a tablet. They have about 6-8 selections of broth such as Sichuan, Hutong, Mushroom, Tomato, etc. The restaurant has various choices to add in the broths and drinks to refresh. Also, they have a sauce bar with many spices, creating various mixes of sauce.

Yes, I feel like Hutong is 80% similar to Haidilao, except for the decoration, the quality of meat, and the much spicier taste. Evenly, my stomach got a problem the day after. But anyway, there are still many people who prefer Hutong Hotpot, and perhaps you do. Come enjoying and please share with me your experience!

Where to find a Hutong Hotpot?

3. Kichi Kichi – Kaiten Style Hotpot

Kichi Kichi, one of the chains of hotpot in Saigon. Image source: Kichi Kichi Kaiten Style Hotpot.
Link –

Literally, this is truly the Hotpot “chain”. Indeed, you will pay for a ticket, like a buffet, then find a seat. After that, “delicious and varied dishes are served by a unique and modern conveyor belt, which is a combination of Kaiten service style from Japan with modern architecture”. Evenly, “customers can enjoy an unlimited amount of nearly 100 different hotpot dips such as imported US beef, whole salmon, fresh vegetables, seasonal fresh mushrooms, etc.” – said by Kichi Kichi’s introduction.

In fact, there are side dishes that you can order alongside the main dips in the conveyor belt. And I don’t know why!? I always find those side dishes are somehow better. Furthermore, in my opinion, the dips are not really fresh. Perhaps that’s my feeling at the moment, you can always try it yourself to have a real experience.

Anyways, Kichi Kichi exactly offers you a long menu with so many choices for the hotpot including broths, dips, toppings, drinks, and so on. And they are all acceptable in quality. So, in case you want to try Kichi Kichi in Ho Chi Minh City and see if you have the same taste as me, below are the restaurant’s addresses that you can go to:

Where to find a Kichi Kichi Hotpot?

4. Hotpot Story – Asian Hotpot

Image source: Hotpot Story –

Honestly, I just know about Hotpot Story when I did a search for the ‘Hotpot Chains in Saigon’. The name ‘Hotpot Story’ kept appearing in the first place I even thought it was something else.

As described, Hotpot Story brings to you the excellence of hotpot in the world with 5 choices of broth. In detail, those are Suki, Tomyum from Thailand, Sichuan from China, Miso from Japan, and Bulgogi from Korea. Furthermore, the restaurant has more food besides the hotpot to fulfill your meal enough with appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts.

As a newer player in the market, Hotpot Story’s restaurants looked more modern and young-oriented than the others. Or at least, it’s the style that this hotpot chain is following. Probably, the restaurant wants to make its customers comfortable when enjoying the food.

Many people are comparing Hotpot Story and Kichi Kichi, the one which I mentioned above. Nevertheless, it’s always dependent on the taste of each person so the preferences are different. Anyway, you can, of course, try both, and please tell me which one is your favorite.

Where to find a Hotpot Story?

5. Ashima – Japanese Mushroom Hotpot

Image source: Ashima Mushroom Hotpot.
Link –

I pretty much like this hotpot. Actually, I don’t write this post in any order but I prefer this after Haidilao. Perhaps it’s the mushroom hotpot, so I feel it better than the other ones evenly I don’t see any benefits as it’s advertising.

Anyway, I think you will like this post, as the menu is full of mushrooms as the ingredients. Each mushroom is described with one or some benefits go alongside. Thus, imagining you have a hotpot with many kinds of mushrooms there, will definitely benefit you in this-or-that ways.

Besides the hotpot, Ashima has grilled mushrooms, and other dishes cooked with mushrooms. Yes, they are a mushroom restaurant with about 30 different mushrooms, said on their website. Therefore, if you are a mushroom lover, or want to gain nutrition from mushrooms, go to Ashima!

Where to find an Ashima Hotpot?

6. MK Hotpot – Thai Hotpot

Image source: MK Restaurants Vietnam. Link –

A long time ago, my aunt told me about a hotpot in Thailand that she had a chance to try. And that hotpot’s broth was significantly clear which impressed her a lot. Later, MK Restaurant brought that hotpot to Vietnam. I first found it in Vincom Center Le Thanh Ton. Until now, MK is making its name among the well-known and delicious hotpot chains in Saigon.

I never forget my experience at MK for the first time. The hotpot did impress me, too, with its clear broth. The dippings were good also, especially the green noodle that I found quite interesting at that moment. When I had been eating, they had opened the music and the waiters danced their iconic moves, I believed.

Nevertheless, as many people say, the price is a little bit expensive. But they all agree that the foods are quality at the same time. Yes, I do think so. And how about you? Have a try and tell me about your experience!

Where to find MK’s hotpot?

7. Dat Mui Crab Hotpot

Image source: Lẩu Cua Đất Mũi. Link –

One of the local chains of hotpot in Saigon for anyone who loves seafood, particularly crab. Exactly as the name, the crab hotpot is the specialty of the restaurant.

Today, they have a total of 6 restaurants around the city. And I even haven’t visited any of them. Don’t ask me why I put the restaurant on this list but haven’t come there. Some of my friends told me to come, but I haven’t had a chance. Therefore, I cannot tell you about the quality or taste of the food.

Despite that, from the info that I searched, I believe it’s a good restaurant. If you want to try the local crab hotpot, you can go to this restaurant, and please tell me about your experience after!

Here are the addresses of Dat Mui Crab Hotpot for you to come to:

8. Manwah – Taiwanese Hotpot

Image source: Manwah – Taiwanese Hotpot. Link –

Honestly, I have just known about this hotpot chain recently, when I walked around Vincom Mall Le Thanh Ton. Indeed, this Taiwanese hotpot is new to the people of Ho Chi Minh City. Perhaps it just entered the market.

From what I know, Manwah is in the same home as Hutong, Kichi Kichi, and Ashima, all under the Golden Gate group. It’s seemed like the conglomerate is doing well with hotpot. In fact, besides the hotpot chains in Saigon that the group owns, there is also a Korean hotpot called KTOP. Yet, the restaurant is only in Hanoi and Hai Phong at the moment. So if you have a chance to go to Vietnam’s capital city, don’t forget to visit the hotpot.

Because I just figured out Manwah, I haven’t tried its hotpot. But I see it’s quite similar to Hutong or Haidilao. They do have a small bar of drinks and desserts for customers while waiting outside. On the other hand, the menu will definitely be different. I will update that for you ASAP. In case you come to the restaurant before me, please tell me about your experience also!

Here’s where you can go for a Manwah’s hotpot

9. Hoang Yen Hotpot – Vietnamese Style Hotpot

Image source: Hoang Yen Hotpot

A local business in Ho Chi Minh City, Hoang Yen has been in the market for a long time. Yes, I came to Hoang Yen’s restaurants a few times, and they all brought me delicious Vietnamese food. I’m happy to see they open their private hotpot line which can compare to other international brands.

Hoang Yen Hotpot brings to you two choices of enjoying hotpot, which are A La Carte and Buffet. With A La Carte, you then have up to 10 choices of broths. They also provide different sets for different sizes of groups. In contrast, Buffet only gives you 6 choices of broth at the highest price – VND 319,000, not including drinks. Nonetheless, Buffet’s seemed like a more affordable option for many people.

Customers after enjoying Hoang Yen’s hotpot mostly give the restaurant compliments. Me too, I do give them applause for the good foods among the hotpot chains in Saigon. And I believe you will do the same!

Where you can find a Hoang Yen Hotpot?

There are Many More

Actually, there are still so many great hotpot restaurants in Saigon. I mean the local restaurants included. However, I would like to introduce them in another post, so you can easily navigate the groups to make your own enjoyable hotpot tour. Enjoy!



Including the chains of hotpot in Saigon, I believe Ho Chi Minh City’s cuisine is a big world for you to evely explore in weeks. Therefore, if you love to do a Saigon food tour, here are the posts of food and drink in the city that you should read:

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