Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) today generally is a playground opened in summer, usually before the new study semester in fall. The goal is for the youth to enjoy the summer before entering an upcoming hard-working semester. The fair in history may be different in activities and purpose, but today it’s a great area with a lot of games for entertainment. CNE opens from 15 August to 1 September at 210 Princes’ blvd, Ontario.

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An entrance ticket prices 18 CAD for the whole day and reduces to $6 from 5 p.m. Foods and drinks could be quite expensive than outside but this is a really exciting playground before school-time: roller coasters, wheel, sky rides, games, shows, etc. However, you should be careful with the rides… I means the roller coasters because the rails looked so old and rusted.

Even so it’s still excited to me. I’m a Vietnamese and this is my first time coming to Canada seeing such a big playground with a lot of activities like this. Before that I can only see those similar things via my TV. But in real it’s really cool and awesome.

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I especially like the grilled Turkey legs. ohhhh .. it’s really delicious and .. BIG O.O. 18$ but it’s worth it 😉 I need a whole night to only consume the leg.


Enjoyyyyyy 😀


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