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Arches National Park Guide to Visit for the First Time Visitor

Arches National Park is one of the most famous national parks in the United States. This national park preserves more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, attracting many local press and visitors to Utah. Coming here, you will see massive rock formations, monoliths, and balance stones with millions of years of age. You can bike, camp, climb, and hike,… to see a variety of breathtaking and wonderful views.

Best Time to Visit Arches National Park

north window and south window arches
North Window and South Window arches in the national park.

The temperature at Arches National Park varies continuously throughout the year with the lowest in winter at about -5oC and the highest in summer at up to 38oC. The months of April, May, September, and October have in-day temperatures that fluctuate between 21-28oC. Therefore, this is a great time of year to visit. However, this is also considered the peak tourist season, so it is difficult to avoid crowds.

Best Things to Do in Arches National Park

There are so many outdoor activities that you will like.

Visiting the Downtown Area

The Arches Visitor Center is located on US Highway 191. The center is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and visitors will be able to view art exhibitions inside and out. The restroom is available 24/7.

Driving Around the Park

The Arches Scenic Drive road where you can drive to the national park.

Doing a road trip in the USA is awesome. You can drive to the only asphalt road Arches Scenic Drive here, a 40 km long road that connects to many tourist attractions at the park. If you don’t have too much time and don’t want to walk, you can drive to the park and stop after 10 minutes to admire its beauty.


Tourists can also cycle on paved or dirt roads in the park. Dirt roads will be more suitable for mountain bikes.


Hiking is one of the top favorite activities in the national park. There are trails on different levels you can choose the most suitable one to experience the place.

Hiking is one of the visitors’ favorite activities in the national park.
  • Easy trails: Arches Visitor Center Nature Trail, Balanced Rock Viewpoint and Trail, Broken Arch Trail, Courthouse Wash Panel Trail, Delicate Arch Viewpoint Trails, Double Arch Viewpoint and Trail, Landscape Arch Trail, Sand Dune Arch Trail, Skyline Arch Trail, The Windows Viewpoint and Trail.
    The easy trails take you a maximum of 60 min for less than a 2.9km hike.
  • Moderate trails: Courthouse Towers Viewpoint and Trailhead, Park Avenue Viewpoint and Trail.
    The moderate trails take you more than 1 hour for a more than 3.2km hike.
  • Strenuous trails: Delicate Arch Trail, Devils Garden Trail, Fiery Furnace Viewpoint and Permit Area, Tower Arch Trail.
    The most difficult Devils Garden Trail may take you up to 5 hours to finish the whole 12.7km.


It’s great to do camping and enjoy the national park at different times of the day.

The park has no hotel, but in Moab city nearby. If you want to spend more time enjoying the national park, there is Devils Garden Campground. Indeed, it’s the only place in the park where you can do camping. You can reserve a slot between Mar 1 and Oct 31.


This idea pops up in my mind when seeing the beautiful vast nature in the national park. It isn’t hard finding a good place for meditating in the park. Indeed, spending time outdoors doing meditation is significantly good for our mental health. You can also apply the tones and frequencies to improve the practice of meditation. Our body exposes to the environment at the atomic level. Surely, this activity will bring to you a great experience at Arches National Park.


Stargazing in the beautiful night sky of the park.

If you don’t camp, you should return to the park in the evening to see firsthand the darkest night sky. When the sky is clear, especially when there is a new moon, you will be able to admire countless bright stars twinkling in the sky.

What You Must See in Arches National Park

With an area of 310.3km2, Arches National Park has a lot more besides over 2,000 arches for you to see. Fauna, flora, and especially the rock formations that you see anywhere in the park. Below is the list of must-see things in the national park that you will find so much interesting.

The best time to see Delicate Arch is at sunrise when there is no crowd.


  1. Delicate Arch
  2. Double Arch
  3. Landscape Arch
  4. South Window
  5. North Window
  6. Broken Arch
  7. Double O Arch
  8. Turret Arch
  9. Tapestry Arch
  10. Private Arch
  11. Skyline Arch
  12. Partition Arch
  13. Navajo Arch
  14. Pine Tree Arch
  15. Tunnel Arch

Rock Formations

  1. Balanced Rock
  2. Dark Angel
  3. Park Avenue
  4. Three Gossips
  5. Sheep Rock
  6. Courthouse Towers
  7. Wall Arch

Places to Eat Near Arches National Park

You won’t find any restaurants in Arches National Park, it’s better to prepare some food when visiting the park. Otherwise, the bookstores will offer some snacks.

Coming to downtown Moab, you can find good dishes at restaurants or coffee shops around the city. The locals recommend the Bison Blue Burger at The Spoke on Center or Pad Thai at Arches Thai restaurant.

Unique Places to Stay Near Arches National Park

Unless you plan to do camping, there is no place to stay in the national park. Visitors usually stay in the city of Moab, where you have good accommodation choices. It’s just about 8.5km away so you can easily go to the park.

Castle Valley Inn – The Best Place with the Views

Address: 424 Amber Ln, Moab, UT.

Castle Valley Inn is a wonderful family-run retreat with eight comfortable rooms and cottages in a beautiful Castle Valley setting. Don’t miss out on the big meals, hot tub, and relaxed hammocks, which are ideal for watching animals in the late evenings. Book a room here for self-catering and spectacular views.

– Room rates: from $219 per night.

Under Canvas – The Best Place for Glamping

Address: 13784 North Highway 191, Moab, UT.

Only 11.2km from Moab, Under Canvas offers cozy tented rooms with great desert views. Expect huge mattresses, private bathrooms, wood fires, and plenty of stargazing. Suites are ideal for nature lovers. The camp’s location, between Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, is ideal for hiking, cycling, and climbing.

– Room rates: from $314 per night.

Sorrel River Ranch – The Best Resort & Spa

Address: Mile 17, UT-128, Moab, UT.

Sorrel River Ranch is a lovely working ranch with spectacular desert vistas. The resort, which is set on 240 acres, has wood-furnished rooms, a pool, a restorative spa, tennis facilities, horseback riding, off-road excursions, and exciting live music evenings. Spacious apartments (including a 4-bedroom ranch house), a petting zoo, and plenty of games make this an excellent family option.

– Room rates: from $1.574 per night.

Sunflower Hill Inn – The Best Traditional Charming Place

Address: 147 North 300 East, Moab, UT.

Sunflower Hill Inn in Moab has 12 cozy rooms with classic quilted bedspreads on gorgeous wrought-iron beds. The lovely hosts and the spacious pool, ideal for relaxing after a day of exploration, are highlights. A relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

– Room rates: from $321 per night.

Hoodoo Moab – The Best Luxury Hotel

Address: 111 N. 100 W., Moab, UT.

A luxurious hotel with breathtaking views of the desert and the neighboring Arches National Park. Massive spaces are built with clean lines and soothing colors. The resort is built around a huge pool and features an exceptional steakhouse restaurant with good wines. A rich foundation.

– Room rates: from $141 per night.

10 Interesting Facts about Arches National Park

  1. The Arches were designated as a national park in the early 1970s.
  2. Edward Abbey is the most well-known figure involved with the Arches National Park.
  3. The national park has been the setting for over 11 films. Hulk (2003) and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) are among them.
  4. The first humans were discovered at the Arches National Park circa 10,000 B.C.
  5. The Arches National Park contains around 500 plant species.
  6. The arches park is home to about 200 different bird species.
  7. The species present in Arches National Park are primarily those that have adapted to a desert lifestyle.
  8. Different kinds of amphibians or rock hues are found at Arches National Park.
  9. The breathtaking geography is the outcome of paradox generation.
  10. Previously, the entire park was underwater.


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