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7 Necessary Notes for You to Fully Enjoy Traveling During Covid

My country calls it the “new-normal life” when talking about living with covid-19 after people got vaccines. Yes, it’s hard to do the ‘zero covid’ strategy which means killing all the viruses everywhere. Hence, even there are many places with significant cases of the pandemic, countries in the world are opening for international traveling during covid. Especially, in the initial time of the “new normal life” and the Lunar New Year approaching South East Asia, tourism activities become more exciting. However, we should beware of covid-19 when traveling around, even when we are vaccinated. In this post, I will have some tips for you to safely travel and have perfect trips when it is coronavirus around.

1. Choose A Safe Destination

choose a destination on map for traveling

After the pandemic, many countries, as well as travel destinations, begin to reopen to welcome tourists. However, since there are complicated epidemic situations, many places have strict regulations for people coming from other places. For the trip in the “new normal life” to take place fully, you should choose a safe destination and monitor the local situation for at least 2 weeks to ensure the health of yourself and your family.

It will not be hard to do a quick research about the covid situation in your travel destination. For example, in Vietnam, the gov makes 4 dangerous levels of the pandemic. There are red, orange, yellow, and green corresponding with the highest to lowest risks. If you plan to travel to Vietnam, it’s better to pick the ‘green’ destinations for your trip.

2. Get Enough Vaccines & Have A Green Card

In the time of the epidemic, getting at least 2 doses of the vaccine is a good way to protect yourself from the risk of infection effectively. In addition, many post-pandemic tourist destinations also require visitors to have a green card or a negative test result within 72 hours. When preparing for traveling during covid, you need to fully get yourself vaccinated and a green card before any trip.

3. Plan Your Trip Early

When the covid-19 pandemic is still as complicated as it is today, having a backup plan ready will help you be more proactive in dealing with unexpected situations. Nowadays, it’s not new to see a travel destination suddenly close because of coronavirus. It’s when your backup plan works to keep your excitement of traveling. If you don’t have a lot of self-travel experience, you can look to reputable agents for assistance in handling problems during trip preparation.

4. Check All Information Carefully

It is never redundant to be careful before each trip, especially in a volatile time like today. Even, there are ridiculous places that don’t want to serve people who come from destinations with a high infection rate. That will surely harm your trip. Thus, a careful check of the destination for no outbreaks, no unexpected flight cancellations, or no hotel in the blockade area will help you feel more secure before the trip.

5. Things You Can’t Forget When Traveling During Covid

In addition to essential travel items such as citizen identification or passport, cash, personal belongings, etc., you need to bring special items during the new normal period. In particular, protective equipment for your health over coronavirus are indispensable items in post-epidemic travel. I swear to you, every trip of mine is now fully equipped with this stuff:

i. Mask

Definitely, this is the most important item every time we go outside nowadays. A mask helps us from preventing viruses from spreading in the air or when we talk with someone. I change this at least once per day or every time I go to a crowded place.

Make sure you keep a safe distance from 1.5m to 2m with other people even when you wear a mask. Also, clean your hands before taking off the mask.

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ii. Face Shield

You can think of this as another layer of protecting yourselves alongside the mask. Nevertheless, since we have at least 2 doses of vaccine, it isn’t really necessary. It’s sometimes uncomfortable to use. Yet, you can have it when going to the museum, concert, etc. where it isn’t an open space or there are so many people standing close together.

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iii. Sanitizer Spray

I use this to replace the gel sanitizer when traveling during covid. It’s good to both spray the surfaces I interact with and clean my hands. I sometimes spray on the clothes or items to make sure there is no bacteria or virus too. However, be careful if you use it too much. It could damage your hands’ skin.

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iv. Alcohol Wipes

If you bring many devices, it’s good to use this to clean them. Of course, not all the devices’ parts can be used with this such as camera lenses. However, it’s good for almost all of them like your smartphone, which definitely you use a lot.

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v. Intranasal Spray

Some news mentions its effectiveness in preventing coronavirus. Thus, why not have one to get ourselves safe. An intranasal spray can be used after you come back home or hotel to clean up your nasal.

vi. Throat Rinse Water

It’s also good as a nasal spray in preventing covid’s effect. You can use salt water, the Natriclorid 0.9%, or any particular rinse water for killing bacteria and viruses. You better gargle in about 10 seconds or more for more effectiveness.

vii. Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit

It’s also good as a nasal spray in preventing covid’s effect. You can use It’s sold widely in my country’s drug stores. I will buy a full box with many kits inside. Then bringing a few of them with me depending on the trip length. I will use it if I have any similar symptoms caused by covid-19. Certainly, it’s better to know it right away to get the best treatment.

I find this best seller on the Amazon store, hopefully, it helps. Yet, you may need a guide from your doctor.

viii. Tylenol

Yes, it’s ok to cure the simple symptoms of covid, also some basic illnesses. Some covid patients I know use 3 pills of Tylenol 500mg a day to cure themselves. They took the medicine 4-6 hours apart. However, this is not my advice. It’s better to have your doctor’s guide. Anyway, I always travel with Tylenol in my bag, especially when traveling during covid.

6. Be Careful When Traveling by Public Transport

In travel, public transport such as plane, bus, and taxi are the main means of transportation. These are all places with a high density of people. In other words, it’s a high risk of infection. If you need to travel by public transport, you should wear a mask throughout the journey, avoid contact with strangers, and limit touching surfaces or objects on the vehicle to ensure your safety. Otherwise, it’s time you will use more sanitizer spray and the alcohol wipes I mentioned above.

7. Pay Attention to Incentives to Save Costs

During the tourist stimulus season after covid, many incentives are applied by travel agencies and tourist-service providers to increase the number of visitors. You can hunt for available deals on the travel company’s application or website to take advantage of discounts on hotels, airline tickets, or offers at amusement parks and tourist attractions for your upcoming trip. Let taking your chances to travel everywhere at a very good price!

In the end, I’m glad that we are able to travel again. But on top of that, we still have to keep ourselves and the people around us safe to even travel further. I hope that the above tips are helpful to you for traveling during covid. Let’s keep our health good and our feet step into the new lands!

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