Whether you are on a business trip or are simply traveling to discover other cultures and enjoy new experiences or have other purposes of going or moving to another country, you will always need the help of modern technology to make all the arrangements regarding your travel much easier and faster.

In an era of innovative technologies it would simply be irrational not to take use them to your advantage and enjoy all the wide variety of functionalities that they offer making your life much easier.

Among these innovations of the 21st century are the specific applications designed for travellers, tourists or simply for those who have frequent business trips. These applications will make the arrangements and planning of your trips much easier and faster starting from the booking of hotels, choosing the flights, learning about the country and culture you are heading or simply guiding you through that country by extremely easy-to-grasp maps and navigating programs.

However, you might stumble upon some difficulties when having to choose a travel application because the mobile app market offers such a great number of travel applications that it might take you ages to choose the right one from them that will meet your needs and expectations.

For that exact reason we have singled out the top travel applications narrowing down the number of apps you have to choose from as well as helping you choose from a list in which only high-quality apps with free user access are included. So here we go!

1. Citymapper

Citymapper offers maps of over 30 countries in your pocket

This incredibly easy and useful app comes with the following features:

• Information about real-time departures

• Disruption alerts

• Uber integration

• Cycle routes

Citymapper is available in over 30 cities all over the world and comes in very handy so if you travel often it will surely be of some good use.
The app is available for iOS and Android.

2. TripIt

TripIt is the Travel Organizer app

This app comes with a full package of useful features for every traveler. These include:

• All your travel plans neatly organized in one place

• Adding and editing of plans manually

• Sync of travel plans with the calendar

• Sharing of your travel plans according to your choice

• Travel documents storage in one place

• Real-time flight alerts

• Always be “in tune” about the availability of a better seat

• Fare refund notifications

The app is free of charge so don’t think twice – download it and use it to your best.
TripIt is available for iOS and Android.

3. Duolingo

Duolingo is good for travelling to different countries with its translation

No matter how widespread is English all over the world, in some countries they don’t know English and language barrier can actually create problems for you unless you have paid for a tour-guide which is, of course, an expensive way to go besides with a tour-guide you might never get off the beaten track.

So coming to the point, we offer you an app that is a free way of learning new languages. Duolingo has over 70 million subscribers and comes with a comfortable and eye-catching design. Obviously, this app can’t be a replacement for a teacher and a full language-learning course, however it will help you learn the basics enriching your vocabulary as well as making your grammar skills better.

For a tourist or a traveler having Duolingo at hand will mean never worrying about serious language barrier issues or getting lost and not being able to ask anyone your way back, say, to your hotel.

Above all, the app is fun as it is like a computer game with certain levels which you will have to pass to reach higher ones.
The app is available for iOS and Android.

4. LiveTrekker

LiveTrekker is a great app for adventure-seeking travellers

Here is a great app for all the adventure-seeking travellers. With this app you’ll be able to create a kind of digital journal which will let you see your trips on an interactive map.

The app preserves your track as you move forward by marking with a red line all the routes you take. LiveTrekker will also inform you about the speed and altitude you are at. You can also add pictures, videos, audio and texts making it a whole real diary of a traveler.
LiveTrekker is available for iOS and Android.

5. XE Currency

XECurrency is useful for money exchange rate while travelling

You can easily guess from the name what this app is about. It’s actually one of the most popular currency conversion sites on the web boasting about 20 million downloads since its launch.

The app comes with a number of business-oriented features which include:

• Precious metal rates

• Historic currency charts

• Ability to convert every currency of the world

• Ability to function offline by preserving the latest updates on currency. This feature will save your data and help you in places where there is no internet connection.
The app is available for iOS and Android

Choose the best apps from our list that meet your needs and expectations and enjoy the services that they offer completely free of charge. Travel the world at the same time using modern tech innovations that will make your trips more enjoyable by reducing the number of inconveniences you might have to stumble upon before or during your travels!

Whether you are on a business trip or are simply traveling to discover other cultures and enjoy new experiences or have other purposes of going or moving to another country, you will always need the help of modern technology to make all the arrangements regarding your travel much easier and faster.


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