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4 Types of Travel Pill Organizer for Every Journey

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I have seen my dad carried along a big bag of different medicines, then hardly finding the ones to use when we traveled to Thailand. In another time, on our trip enjoying Nha Trang cuisine, I saw my dad relaxed taking his pills from a pill case to use. Starting from that time, I know about travel pill organizers, the very supporting products specifically for people with chronic deceases in general, and for travelers in particular. I did some researches related to the item, then figuring out some really good ones that I want to share. Let’s see!

What is Travel Pill Organizer?

So you may know the first aid kit which you put medicines, medical equipment, pills, etc. for emergency situations. There are many first aid kits with different materials and sizes for choices such as plastic, wood, metal boxes, or fabric, nylon ones.

However, those first aid kits are commonly large in size to keep tools and pieces of equipment. When travelling, it’s hard for us to bring everything. But we do have a choice to only bring pills that we need, especially with ones who have chronic diseases. That is when we aim at small, light-weight boxes to carry around, or put in a bag easily, like the travel pill organizers. With those pill holders on hand, it really supports travellers while getting problems, particularly in circumstances there is no hospital or infirmary to support.

1. The Colorful, Plastic, 7-day Compartments

The Sukuos weekly pill organizer, 2 times a day

This is the most common travel pill organizer that you can find easily on the markets. The boxes are mainly made by safely BPA-free plastic. With 7 colors representing 7 days in the week to be more attractive, and help the user recognize the days easier. And each box can contain up to 9 large vitamins or 5 fish oils. Furthermore, with about 7 inches long, you can easily pack the case in bags, or backpacks, making it one of the most compact travel pill organizers.

Moreover, you can find other more advanced pill cases of this type, for different needs of use. There are some cases best for multiple doses, with morning and night boxes separated. Additionally, some even have 4-time a day compartments for complicated treatment by pills. And, some has a PU leather, or other kinds of cover to wrap the case, attaching with a note. Those large pill organizers are, of course, harder for packing in bag, or luggage, but it isn’t really cost the space, and better in utility.

Here are some of the plastics travel pill organizers which you can consider buying:

2. The Water Bottle X Pill Organizer

The pill holder combined in a water bottle

So you have your pills, then you definitely water to swallow those medicines?! It’s when a smart guy like Asobu solves your inconvenience with their special travel pill organizers.

Asobu produces a water bottle with an attached 7-day pill organizer. Specifically, the bottle capacity is 20 ounce of water, about 600 ml, which is enough for you to even drink the whole 7 days pills at once. OK, I’m just kidding, but it is a lot of water to drink with your medicines. Furthermore, the bottle lid is a designer as a cup for users to drink easier.

The whole bottle is made of Tritan material. To explain generally, it’s a BPA-free plastic that is fine to store food or water. In addition, by using Tritan, the bottle is more tough, fearless to shattering, better dishwasher durability, and lighter than glass.

One last cool thing is, the pill organizer can be taken off the bottle. So you can wash, bring around, or put it in your bag easily. Just a note, the pill compartments are quite small for anyone who has a complicated treatment by medicines.

3. The Wallet Type with a Zipper

TeloTravel wallet-typed pill organizer

There is a type that’s more than a travel pill organizer. A thing to keep you on track, and maintain your routine. Or to hold your cash, lol.

Indeed, this type of pill holder is designed as a wallet with a zipper to keep the items inside carefully, avoid things from falling outside when moving. And that’s one of the biggest advantages of the wallet type over the others. This travel pill organizer is mostly made by felt material, which is more stylish when used, and more durable for long journeys.

Inside, there are 2 big compartments that can store your cash, or travel papers. It even attaches a notebook for a travel plan, or medicine reminder. The compartments are smartly designed for convenient and effective usage. Some of the wallets have 14 pouches, separated into 7 days of a week, and 2 times a day, AM and PM, supporting the user in ease of use.

So if you are looking for a travel pill case for a long journey, or an adventure, or if you move a lot, this wallet-type pill holder is certainly your best choice!

4. The Fancy Ones

The stylish Mimi Medcessories 7 Days Pretty pillbox with other accessories

Some people are always stylish, even when they are in bad health. That’s when modern, elegant pill organizers are produced to serve those people. Nevertheless, it’s still comfortable to carry around on a long trip.

Many of the pill cases of this type are made by aluminum, making it more bright in different colors used. Depending on the need of capacity to hold the medicines, user will have plenty of choices in designs and features. To illustrate, the SHD Pocket is a 3.4inch aluminum tube that can be separated into 3 spaces for different types of pill. On top of it is a ring hook to hang it with your handbag, purse, etc. As well, there is also VANSU pill holder, designed as a keychain, made by high-quality titanium. Of course, it’s fashionable, also durable, waterproof, and easy to be carried around.

On the other hand, the Mimi Medcessories 7 Days Pretty makes me think of a bluetooth speaker. It uses a slided-button to control its 7-day compartments, each can store up to 12 pills or 5 large supplements. Also, it has 3 colors champagne, rose, and steele to make any owner looking stylish while carrying to travel. Likewise, there are Houder Classy Brass pill holders designed as a makeup box, in rectangular and round shape, but still have 2-3 compartments to divide the medicines for uses. In my opinion, it’s great to be a gift, and of course, very space-saving to put in a bag, or luggage for travelling.

Let’s being a stylish traveler, using those fancy travel pill organizers!


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