Yomiuri Land Jewellumination, Tokyo

Winter is the season when everyone is preparing for a new year. You will have days off after hard-working times for jobs and studies. So what will you do on those days?

Many people in Tokyo, Japan spend their days off to visit Yomiuri Land – I call this place Led Land, a destination which is decorated by millions of LEDs. At this place, there are many beautiful scenes that you can selfie; also, you can enjoy the cool atmosphere with soothing songs at the land or having fun with many stunning games.



Yomiuriland is a theme park which is decorated by 3 millions of led lights and opened from 31 Oct to 15 Feb. Tickets are 1000¥ and 1600¥. With the 1000 ¥ ticket, you can only get around and take photos at the park. But with the 1600¥ ticket, you can enjoy all the game here; the door keeper will draw a code on your hand and they will check when you join any game.

IMG_YomiuriLand_6 IMG_YomiuriLand_5IMG_YomiuriLand_4 IMG_YomiuriLand_3

‘The view when you see from a high position. You can see all the things here are decorated with led lights.’

IMG_YomiuriLand_7 IMG_YomiuriLand_8 IMG_YomiuriLand_9IMG_YomiuriLand_10 IMG_YomiuriLand_11 IMG_YomiuriLand_12

‘With 3 millions lights, there are a lot of beautiful, sparkling and fanciful scenes here for taking pictures, selfie, wefie and having great memory.’

IMG_YomiuriLand_13 IMG_YomiuriLand_14

‘Some quiet places for chatting and enjoying coffee.’

Alongside, there are many games at the land:


The merry-go-round will take you back your childhood 🙂

IMG_YomiuriLand_16IMG_YomiuriLand_18 IMG_YomiuriLand_17IMG_YomiuriLand_19IMG_YomiuriLand_21 IMG_YomiuriLand_20

IMG_YomiuriLand_22‘There are also many stunning games.’


IMG_YomiuriLand_24 IMG_YomiuriLand_23
‘How will you feel when sitting on a train with a lot of light under the rail?’

IMG_YomiuriLand_26IMG_YomiuriLand_27 IMG_YomiuriLand_28
Play park: mini games for interesting gifts. How exciting :D’

IMG_YomiuriLand_29 IMG_YomiuriLand_30IMG_YomiuriLand_32 IMG_YomiuriLand_31

‘Escape games require you a lot of skills or ghost house with characterized Japanese style.’

There is a water show at night for visitors having relaxed after a whole day playing around the park. It is a perfect coordination between music and water 😀


Water show is preparing 😉

IMG_0898 IMG_0900

The show ends at 8.30 pm, the other games’ lines will close at that time, too. So if you want to join many games here it’s better to come early because the lines are quite long.


Thach Le
Cooking and traveling lover. An international student at Japan currently spending his time wandering and exploring the “Land of the Rising Sun”.