My Tho, Tien Giang| Vietnam’s Mekong

Around 120 km far from Sai Gon/ Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong (in Vietnamese we call “Miền Tây”) appears with a totally different environment, landscape and people. Last Sunday, I went to Tien Giang, a province in Mekong. If we go by car, we can head to Tien Giang by the Trung Luong Highway; it takes around 1h20′.


Trung Luong Highway From Saigon to Mien Tay

Mekong is the place that you can find the image of Vietnam in the past. People are very friendly. They are willing to help you for every concern that you have. There are a lot of trees, ‘western-er’ plant a lot of fruit trees in their garden. It make the atmosphere clear. If you know anyone in this place, they can take you to their garden to pick and enjoy the fruit on the spot. At the time that I went to Tien Giang last week, they had grapefruit, ambarella, guava, banana, rambutan, orange, persimmon, chili, mango and gueva. Depend on the time in a year so they have different fruit trees planted. This is a fruit garden that I have gone to:

Also, some people plant a small flower garden in there home. It looked really beautiful and makes the house more eco.

One of the destinations that you should visit when going to Mekong is the markets. At this place, people sell the fruits that they picked from their garden. Because their gardens are nearby the market so the price is cheap than buying in cities (around 1/3 cheaper if you buy the fruits in supermarkets at the cities). Business people come there to buy in large quantity then they transport to Ho Chi Minh City and sell in the supermarket. The market is quite fun, sellers call us to buy their products, people talk together to bargain, chat; it makes a really vibrant picture. And if you intend to buy, they are happy to give you a try of their products. But you should beware when coming there, the road is very muddy and slippery. Absolutely you don’t want to be dirty and bring the mud home 😉

One more point of Mekong, the foods there are really delicious but it’s a bit sweet. I mean it’s delicious in the sweet way because people there would like to eat sweet. The cuisine is really Vietnamese style. If anyone wants to enjoy travel for foods, Mekong is a place that you cannot miss.

I will show you guys some special things of  Mekong to end up this post 😉


This is called “monkey bridge” You can see that it’s more easier for a monkey to go If you don’t want to get wet, you can go around; or you can jump if it possible 😀 But you can surprise with the people here, very skilled 🙂


and this is the ‘toilet’ very environmental friendly ha 😉


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